Surface coating with silver

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Owing to its low electrical resistance, silver or hard silver, is ideal for electrical connectors.

Quality checks and coating thickness measurements are continuously carried out and documented during the coating processes.

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Why choose silver coating?

Silver offers many advantages for electrical connectors. Silver and hard silver have the highest electrical conductivity of all metals and are primarily used in the connector industry for larger electrical connectors with higher current ratings.

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Why do we passivate silver?

In order to prevent silver oxidation, we offer silver tarnish protection (silver passivation). This organic-based silver passivation has a sort of self-healing effect that is distributed across the silver surface. Another advantage of silver passivation is that it reduces additional plugging and stripping forces.

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Special characteristics of silver coating

  • Ductility
  • Solderability
  • Highest electrical conductivity of all metals
  • Lowest contact resistance
  • Hardness 90–110 HV (120–200 HV with hard silver)

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